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Thank you for visiting our website. Please tell us about you, your event, why you are helping with ALS, and anything else you want us to publish. Tell us if you want something other than your full name published. We'll send your donations link ASAP!  If you want a photo published, please send a .jpg by email to dschneebeck@comcast.net.  Thanks!!!

IMPORTANT RELEASE.  In consideration of permitting you to participate in this website's effort to facilitate you raising money to fight ALS, by submitting your event information below, you acknowledge and agree that neither you nor anyone acting on your behalf or through you will ever assert any claim against the owners or operators of this website, nor against ALSA.  You further understand that Oso High Endurance Sports has no legal relationship to the event in which you have chosen to compete and makes no representations regarding the risks or wisdom of participating in the event.  Indeed, even if you are properly conditioned (and you agree we have not evaluated your health or fitness), you understand and accept that endurance sports are inherently dangerous.  You further acknowledge and accept that, while less risky than contracting ALS, endurance events carry the inherent risk of injury or death and you assume those risks.  Finally, you agree and covenant not to sue anyone or any entity with respect to the acts or omissions of this website, and you agree that, in the event of your breach of this covenant, you agree judgment may be entered against you for costs of defending any action you bring, plus actual damages, plus attorneys fees incurred in defending any action you bring.  BY CLICKING "SUBMIT" BELOW, YOU AFFIRM YOUR AGREEMENT TO ALL THE ABOVE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.  IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ALL THE ABOVE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, DO NOT CLICK "SUBMIT".


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